Idol Title Screen
The First Game Jam of Brown-RISD Game Developers (then Brown Game Developers)! Idol is a real time strategy style game wherein you are a god looking over a small civilization that prospers depending on their "belief" in you. 
Early Idol Concept Art | Victoria Joh
Tilesets for Four Seasons | Mariel Rodriguez
As time passes in the game, the landscape cycles between four distinct seasons. 
Tree and Building Assets | Victoria Joh
Landscape and building elements randomly generate on the map in accordance with how large your civilization grows. 
Character and Effects Animation | Hanna Cha
The Player can choose to grow flowers or strike down the characters with lightning to facilitate or cull the population. Both actions within reason increase the faith of the characters in you as a "God" but too much lightning will make them angry and too many flowers will make them lose faith. You can also kill with lightning characters which have grown displeased with your rule to keep the population happy. 
(Additionally, due to a bug, raising the population too high will make the game lag).   
Idol gameplay sped up x2 
Video Edit | Hanna Cha
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